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Hi, I’m Younglan Joo, co-founder of Pilates University.

I have participated in numerous seminars in order to become a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

The areas I became most interested in were osteopathy therapy and Pilates. However, since I am a petite woman, smaller than other male therapists, I faced more challenges in becoming an osteopathy therapist.

After learning Pilates, I felt the arthritis in my right hip improve, and I decided to pursue Pilates as a career.

Through working as a Pilates instructor and through training other Pilates instructors, I recognized the need for an exercise program based on postures and disorders, made up of only the essential motions.

I therefore founded Minimal Pilates studio, which researches and develops programs that give maximum effect from the minimal number of motions.

Hi, I’m Hyejin Kim, co-founder of Pilates University

Whilst working as a hospital physiotherapist, the question my patients with musculoskeletal disorders most often asked me was “How many times do I need to receive treatment to be free from pain?”

But I thought the best treatment doesn’t target the pain itself, but improves functional movement in order to root out the cause of the pain. At that time, I learned Pilates and it turned out to be the perfect exercise for improving functional movement.

Convinced that Pilates can act as a therapeutic exercise, I became a Pilates instructor, and also gained experience training students hoping to become Pilates instructors themselves.

When I opened Why Pilates studio, it was my personal mission to make more people understand “why” Pilates is such a good form of exercise.

We worked at the same Pilates instructors training center for a long time.  After that, while each running our own studios, we shared our thoughts on the current trends in Pilates.

Every year, the number of Pilates instructors increases, but we felt the Pilates industry lacks instructors with anatomical knowledge and expertise.

Agreed on the necessity of advanced education, we established Pilates University, “a higher education institution for Pilates instructors.” Based on the institution’s motto, we teach not only how to perform motions, but the reason why these motions should be taught. Going beyond nurturing new professional instructors, Pilates University offers advanced education programs for professional instructors, so they can continue to build expertise even after obtaining their qualifications.

“Pilates University” is a specialized educational institution training Pilates instructors. The institution’s founding goal is to contribute to advancing Pilates as a discipline by nurturing excellent Pilates master instructors.

What makes our program unique?

1. Specialized Educational Program

We teach not only how to perform motions, but anatomy and kinetic principles. Students can have a deep understanding of correct body movement based on scientific evidence.

2. Systematic Program

Students can become professional instructors who can plan the best sequence by analyzing the most common cases.

3. A Program Pursuing Perfection

After finishing the course, students will be trained as professionals as experienced instructors.

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