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Level 1. Pilates Instructor course

The course to become Pilates instructors with requirements and qualifications, learning from basic principles of Pilates to expertise such as human anatomy and kinesiology.

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Pilates Basics Part. 1

Definition, Philosophy, History, and Principles of Pilates

Basic Anatomy

Anatomy of Exercise and Movement

Anatomy of the Respiratory System

Pilates Equipment Usage and Safety

Instructors Etiquettes

Teaching Skills (Verbal Skills and Demonstration)

Pilates Basics Part. 2

Definition of the Body Posture

Functional Anatomy and Palpation Assessment

Static and Movement Assessment

Posture-based Programs

Teaching Skills (Observation and Tactile Guidance)

Case Study


Mat Pilates(Pre-Pilates, Tool Pilates, Original Pilates)



Wunda Chair


Spine Corrector

Private Lesson Experience

Group lesson Demonstration

Level 2. Pilates Master Course

The course for those who want to become more professional and specialized instructors after obtaining their qualifications. This course offers detailed teaching skills and program designing skills for different body parts and conditions.

<Detailed Information>

Pilates for Each Body Part

(Neck, Shoulder, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Ankle&Foot)

Golf Pilates

Pregnancy & Post natal Pilates

Scoliosis Pilates

Kids Pilates

Silver Pilates

Level 3.  Pilates Instructor Teacher course

The course for those who are equipped with personal qualifications as instructor trainers and worked as Pilates instructors more than five years after obtaining their certificates.

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